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Think Local

We are often asked by readers, "We love it, but why are you publishing a map book in this day and age?"

The answer is simple: we want to promote local thinking.

We believe that most people today care about fostering the positive aspects and unique identity of their communities.

  • The shop or restaurant around the corner, the local service providers and others who contribute to our lives and are worth knowing.
  • The mountains, hills, streams and waterfronts that provide the settings for our life experiences -- and are worth studying and getting to know intimately.

Good maps provide a strong sense of what defines "home." A printed map book allows you to see where you live in relation to your community, the geography and landmarks of the area. A good one gives you a sense of what you will encounter when you arrive for the first time at a trailhead or a new ballfield or a new friend's house.

Our goal is to provide the best map books we can that encourage local thinking and community identity. We also incorporate public safety information -- including the USNG, a universal grid reference to help the community in times of emergency.

We encourage you to patronize our advertisers, the sponsors who support us and make this map book possible. We also ask you to share your comments and ideas with us -- for this is your map book too -- and help us enhance the value of this map book and its website to all members of your community.

Our Story

MyMapbook founders, Glen Jansma and Bernard Catalinotto, first worked together at Thomas Bros. Maps, where they led the team that converted the hand drawn maps to computer mapping. When the earthquake struck Haiti in 2010, Glen and Bernard quickly mobilized and created maps of Haiti's capital, which were air-lifted to Port-au-Prince for Relief International to use to guide their medical relief teams in the field

With the technology that allowed them to rapidly produce accurate maps of Port-au-Prince, they formed MyMapbook to publish map books designed to promote community identity and outdoor recreation, and to provide a resource that would be useful in case of disaster or emergency. The first map book was for Tamalpais Valley, followed quickly by one for Mill Valley. NBC Bay Area filmed their story for the evening news.

Ready for the next challenge, Glen and Bernard expanded MyMapBook to Central & Northern Marin and to the East Bay. They developed custom map products for the San Rafael and Mill Valley Chambers of Commerce.

For each book, the company's goal is to improve the accuracy, beauty and usefulness of the maps.


In 2011, Joe Rosato, Jr., senior video producer at NBC Bay Area, liked our first community map book and decided to put us on the NBC Bay Area Evening News.


My MapBook is run by a small team dedicated to producing high quality community map books and custom maps. Our team includes:

Glen Jansma

Glen has a career that combines technical and business expertise. He earned a scholarship to Claremont McKenna College, where he majored in economics. He earned a Ph.D. in engineering at the University of Texas, Austin. He also spent two years in Africa as a Peace Corps mathematics teacher.

Glen has worked as a consultant for public utility commissions and utility companies, analyzing nuclear power plant construction, and has provided expert witness testimony in legal proceedings. He also taught as adjunct professor at The University of Texas, Austin; Chapman College; and Whittier College. Glen developed business mapping applications in the 1980s, when he led the Thomas Bros. Maps team that converted the company to computer cartography. Glen later assumed the role of president until the company was sold. Prior to starting MyMapbook, Glen owned and managed a high-quality printing company.

Glen lives in Newport Beach, CA. He currently volunteers his time working as a part-time computer instructor for at-risk adults.

Bernard Catalinotto

Bernard has a career that combines technical and business experience. He earned a scholarship to Columbia College where he majored in mathematics. He earned a Masters in Regional Planning from Cornell, and spent a year as a Fulbright fellow teaching in Rome, Italy.

After working as a regional planner for architecture and engineering firms in New York and San Francisco, Bernard joined Thomas Bros. Maps in 1990. There he and Glen Jansma led the 80-person team that converted Thomas Bros Maps to computer mapping. Next, Bernard became the GIS manager at Earthdata (now Fugro) where he helped win a major US Census Bureau mapping contract. While at Earthdata, he then hired and managed the 50-person team that completed the project. Before starting MyMapbook with Glen, Bernard managed his own data conversion firm.

Bernard lives in Mill Valley, CA. He currently serves as president of the board of his local community association (Marinview Community Assn).

Pam Grossman

Pam’s career combines social service and business expertise. Following completion of her degree in Social Work from Ohio State University, she moved to New York City where she worked in the media department at Young & Rubicam, an advertising agency.

In 1985, Pam moved to San Francisco and became an advertising account manager in Miller Freeman Publication’s High-Tech unit. As a senior account executive at Pacific Lists, Pam had an integral role in helping her publishing and non-profit clients achieve their circulation and donor acquisition goals through targeted direct mail campaigns.

Pam lives in San Rafael, CA. She volunteers with the San Rafael Library outreach program.


"We hand out the area-appropriate Community Mapbooks at all of our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) basic classes and recommend that students use it to become more familiar with their neighborhoods. It’s a great way for CERTs to look at the bigger picture of their community , not just their own street, as they identify potential challenges they might encounter in a post-disaster response period, such as:

  • creeks that might flood or hillsides subject to sliding in heavy rain
  • gas stations with hazardous materials
  • narrow, winding roads, making entry by fire engines and evacuation by residents a challenge in approaching fire
  • schools with students waiting to be picked up by parents & resulting additional traffic

The maps are also helpful in looking at assets or sites of potential support, such as:

  • groceries, which would be sources of food, water & often medication
  • nearby fire/police stations, clinics, hospitals, doctors’ offices, veterinary clinics.
  • potential areas for community congregating, including churches, community centers or even just open areas, such as parks.

This community mapping is a part of what CERTs call ‘size-up’, getting to know the physical landscape & resources that will create the background off their response efforts."

Maggie Lang
Marin County CERT Coordinator

"We have produced an annual community guide and membership directory for the past twenty years. Four years ago we discovered the team at MyMapbook.  Glen, Bernard and Pam produce our  print directory at the same time that they produce their Central & Northern Marin Community Map Book.

The annual directory is well received in the community and our members gave high marks to the entire crew at MyMapbook.  The Chamber publication is a joint venture, with half produced by our staff and half produced by MyMapbook,  and we believe it is the best directory we have ever published. It is a high quality community guide, and business directory and a very convenient community street atlas, all in one."

Joanne Webster, CEO
San Rafael Chamber of Commerce

"Wow! Is it my birthday?"
Mill Valley resident (Southern Marin)

"My husband uses it as his bible. He runs every day."
Homestead Valley resident (Southern Marin)

I have been advertising in MyMapBook since its very first issue. MyMapBook gives me the widest exposure for my advertising. It is mailed at no charge to every home in the areas I do business. It is a high quality, practical product that homeowners keep in a convenient location and really use. Plus, I receive additional copies to send to new clients/prospects who are relocating to Marin County from other areas. It really helps them visually understand the lay of the land including hiking trails. My clients love it and greatly appreciate the extra level of service I deliver. I'm a big fan of MyMapBook.

Amy Glaser
Marin Modern Real Estate

"Our new and perspective residents find the Mapbook very helpful and informative"

Barry Schenbaum, The Redwoods

"Thank you, Pam, for the Marin Community Map Book - I think they look terrific and the people I have given them to are delighted - everyone loves the hiking/biking/trails etc.  Thank you so much for your help - and persistence."


Margaret Deedy, Realtor,
Coldwell-Banker, Greenbrae.
Past President of Marin Ass'n of Realtors